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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jun Pyo Always to the Rescue Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of my summary for
"Jun Pyo Always to the Rescue"

7. JP defied his mother’s order of not leaving the car to be with JD who was in the streets selling rice crackers. It was a clear declaration of his love for JD but JD continuously discouraged JP from coming to her rescue and let her courageously overcome the obstacles.

8. JP went to the kidnappers’ hideout alone as demanded by the mastermind and got badly beaten for JD’s sake. This scene apparently showed that it was JD who saved JP by taking the blow from the impact of the crashing chair intended for JP. (This later turned out to be the cause of JD’s shoulder injury and the reason for her early retirement from swimming.)

9. JP escaped his mother’s guards to return back to the ski resort to rescue JD after learning that JD went to the mountains to look for the missing necklace despite the snowstorm. It was touching to see JP carry JD on his back to look for shelter and later shed off his shirt and jacket and endured the cold to keep JD from dying of hypothermia.

10. JP rescued JD while struggling in the water due to her shoulder injury after she retrieved the necklace that she accidentally dropped in the pool. JD was surprised that JP can already swim since he still can’t while they were in Caledonia. JP later disclosed that he purposely tried to overcome his childhood trauma and learned how to swim so he can come to her rescue when needed.

11. JP’s unexpected recovery from his selective amnesia was triggered by JD’s dramatic attempt to bring him back to his senses by jumping into pool. JP’s momentary shock brought back images of JD struggling in seawater in Caledonia/resort which finally made him jump into the water to rescue JD. This was much to Yumi’s dislike. (Hmm...All’s well that ends well.)

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