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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lee Min Ho's "My Everything" on Piano

credits: blooming@soompi.com, smrr00@youtube.com

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Personal Taste Trailer 1 (3/10/10)

credit: ying5387isme3@youtube.com

Goo Hye Sun Interview "Chonankan 2" - 2009

Translation credit - susAmerica @ soompi

C=Cho Nan Kang G=GHS
C: Ah, Welcome.
G: Ah~ an young ha se yo (hello).
C: Nice to meet you for the first time.
G: Yes, Nice to meet you for the first time.
C: I am Cho Nan Kang.
G: I am GHS. Nice to meet you.
C: Please have a seat.
G: Ah, yes.
Tonight, it is actress GHS. 2004, made debut as an actress
2006, her first starring role in Pure Heart of 19. The drama's best rating recorded as high as 43%. She won the New Actors Award and leaped into a popular actress status.
2007, in King and I, a drama set in the 15th century Korean palace, she played a queen who led a very troubled life. Her acting ability was highly praised.
2009, the drama that created a boom in Taiwan and Japan,
BOF is also made and Korea and she is cast as the heroin.
She is slected as the number one bride material and currently is one of the most popular actresses.
C: I prepared some questions so please talk a lot.
G: I understand.
C: BOF is also very popular in Japan. Right?
G: (laughing shyly) Yes.
C: How do you feel?
G: Because so many people love it, I feel very grateful.
C: How was filming for BOF?
G: It's difficult.very hard.
C: Really? What part was difficult?
G: hmm, it was filmed in winter so it was very cold.
C: Ahh~
G: the scenes where I had to be bullied were bit hard.
C: Ah~~being cold is hard for you?
G: Oh yes, it is hard.
C: What did you do to deal with cold?
G: We had this small portable heater. I would put couple of can-coffee on the heater to warm them up. Then, I would keep those cans in my pockets.
C: Ahh, that was a good idea. (smile)
G: (smile)
C: When did you make a debut?
G: Formally, I made a debut when I was 20 years old through Nonstop5, which was a sitcom.
C: sitcom?
G: Yes, that is how I made a debut.
C: Ahh! is that so.
G: yes.
C: So, how long has it been since since your debut?
G: 5 years.
C: 5 years.
G: yes.
C: eh, 5 years...
G: it has not been that long..
C: Ohhh~ 5 years. Is that so? What do you consider most difficult about acting?
G: Emotions...I guess emotions cuased most difficulty
C: Very difficult?
G: Very difficult. I don't know if there is anything else that is more difficult than that.
C: Is there a special type of role that you want to try in the future?
G: In the future?
C: yes.
G: Since the whole world seems to be having a hard time now, I would like to play a role who can give a message of hope to others.
C: ahh, a role that gives hope
G: yes, yes
G: In the past, I have met you before.
C: Really?
G: while back,,,when was that? It was the time when you came to Korea to promote your album.
C: yes, yes, yes, It is an honor.
G: (smiles)
C: It is an honor.
G: (smiles)
C: What are your hobbies?
G: hobbies?
C: perhaps traveling?
G: I like traveling,,,especially traveling alone,,,,I also like to watch movies by myself.
C: uh,,,alone,,by yourself,,,me too,,I watch movies by myself.
(speaking Japanese) although I have never traveled alone...
C: How do you deal with stress?
G: to deal with stress, I sleep.
C: sleep?
G: sleeping
C & G: C and G at the same time: and eating...(laughter)
C: we have same methods.
G: yes
C: about food,,,
G: So, if I am under lots of stress, I eat a lot and also gain lots of weight.
C: (laughter)
G: and because I sleep a lot,,,
C: How many times have you been to Japan?
G: to Japan? Oh, so many, many times.
C: Ahh~
G: I go for work and also to travel
C: travel...
G: I go to Japan frequently as if it is my home
C: do you have Japanese friends?
G: Japanese friend? I have a friend who lives in Japan.
C: ahh!
G: This friend is not Japanese but it is a friend whom I have known since junior high school and now this friend lives in Japan.
C: and, you have much interest in Japan?
G: ah, yes.
C: Japanese food?
G: yes, I like it too much...
C: ramyun?
G: I like ramyun...I really like Natto.
C: ahh~ natto..
G: yes~ natto and ?gyu dong?
C: in general, what is your most favorite food?
G: my most favorite?
C: yes
G: mmm. these days my favorite food is natto.
C: natto? eh~~(laughter)
C: Is that available in Korea?
G: Yes, it is available in Korean markets in packaged form and I cook it at home.
C: ahh~
[Next Week, the 2nd Part]
G: ahh~ news that interests me~ date/love
C: date/love?
G: (laughter)
C: what type of date/love?
G: This is so fun~
C & G: both C and G laughing together
G: I was your big fan.
Narrator: Please, tune in for next week's 2nd Part with GHS!
[This is a video clip from September, 2009, when Cho Nan Gang visited YG Ent.]

credit: nataL2Tle@youtube.com

Goo Hye Sun 2010 Updates

credit: defroster@youtube.com

Goo Hye Sun at Rated K (March 7, 2010)

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You and Me MV

credit: twinkleapril03@youtube.com

Lucky I'm in Love MV

credit: vitriana @youtube.com

Lucky I'm in Love MV

credit: vitriana @youtube.com

Lucky I'm in Love MV

credit: vitriana @youtube.com

Lovely Couple MV

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun ~Couple Song~

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Unbelievable (MinSun Moments @KBS Awards) MV

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If I Give You My Heart (MinSun) MV

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