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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100104 KBS Star Magazine - Ku Hye Sun @ KBS Drama Awards


Reporter: Goo Joon Pyo's woman, Geum Jan Di. Here is Goo Hye Sun-ssi.You came in a uniform, aren't you cold?

(love how it's been a year but in most of their interviews Hyesun and Minho are still asked about each other or referred to as the others "something"... hehehe!)

GHS: Yes, I am cold, but, compared to others, don't you think I look warmer?

Reporter: You look thinner than before.

GHS: Really? Thank you.

Reporter: How can a high schooler look like a Junior High School student!

GHS: Really? Thank you but I am 27 years old. (both GHS and reporter laugh hard.)

(She's technically only 26 but koreans add one more year to their age counting the day of their birth as their first bday)

Reporter: so who is taking the best couple trophy?

GHS: no decision yet.

Kim Tae Hee: I already just took it. (laughter)

Reporter: (to Kim) So then you will take home two trophies.

GHS: Then, do I have to take it from him too? (She is too sweet!)
Reporter: Then you will have three tropies..

GHS: Oh yeah(laughs)

from flowerpot@soompi.com:

*spazzzzzz* Kim Tae Hee just took the trophy but Minho and Hyesun still have to talk it out... what a relationship and friendship based on mutual understanding... hehehe!

I love how she keeps hugging the trophy close to her and the animated look on her face when she said "should i take the trophy from him too?" (As if she was just mouthing off because she already knows Minho can't say anything... hehehe!)

In the end, i guess the pampered Hyesun won out judging from the gifs posted above...

Or maybe they have already worked out a "visitation schedule for the trophy"... At least that's another reason to get paparazzis off their back if they're seen together...

credits: susamerica@GHS soompi ,flowerpot@soompi.com, meow13131313@youtube.com


  1. kimchi, im so glad you;re back, though for a short time...

    One best thing that has become of the LMH-GHS
    relationship ( for whatever it is )is both have drawn out the best of each other. Achieving triumphs in the recent KBS Drama Awards, our MinSun has proven the best of teamwork and oneness of dreams.Dreams that have become realities in just a span of one year after BOF.

    Nyesun has become a certified hallyu star,a multi - talented artist, a favorite of netizens while Minho has become a blue chip in commercial endorsements, a maturing two - time drama awardee, etc... both can boast of an immense, hordes of fan following worldwide.

    And still very much together in love this 2010. Overwhelming! MinSun indeed has definitely hurdled the acid test of compatibility! Favored by destiny, both are beautifully growing in each other. Hopefully for life.